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Welcome Everyone !

First of all, May peace be with you and your family members.

I would sincerely welcome all of you who visited this website. I hope all you could be inspired by this visit for new hope, idea and knowledge which is needed for you today. 

Also I'd like to meet you in person in someday since I can tell you more about interesting stories and show more in details about our dreams and vision for the future which I believe our God the Father has for your own future and your country as well. 

Your stories and messages are always welcome to me and all of us who are engaged in this very special program that has been continuously day by day. I truly believe that your future contribution make this course much more strong and fruitful. 

May God Bless you richly ever !


Myung-Ken Lee M.D., Ph.D.
​Chair of the Department of Global Health Security

Our Philosophy

Severance Spirit which has been inspired by many who came from all different parts of the world to support the effort of developing Korea under the Love and Will of God. So we have the same spirit of Severance to be partner with like minded colleagues. 

Our History

Starting from August 2018 with 20 students from Afghanistan, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mongolia, Nepal, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, Vietnam the course started for the first in the 40 years history of the school.

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